Put down your phone. Pick up a fork or chopsticks. Food is the original social media.

Breaking bread is how people have connected, laughed and shared with each other since people started being people. From our birthday cake to the dishes of food laid out at our wake, meals mark our milestones with the people most important to us. Waking up on Sunday morning next to the person you love? Breakfast. Catching up with old friends? Lunch. First date? Dinner.

We’re all hungry for connection. But are we now so busy scrolling through our feeds that we’re forgetting to feed the real-world interactions and shared experiences that make life flavorful and filling? Have we become so addicted to the sugar-high and empty calories of our hand-held digital crack that we’ve lost track?

YumList believes that any real good social app worth a damn should actually help people create real-life social moments. We believe that people sharing pictures of great dishes should inspire connections that result in people sharing great meals. We believe food is a gateway to learning about different cultures and each other.

So yeah, before you take a bite of that next beautiful meal, go ahead and snap a pic to inspire others - a way of saying, “Oh, you gotta try this!”

And then - please - put your phone down, look up at the person across the table… and connect over the original social media.

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